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The website, internet address refering to the first motto PEACE AND LIVE of this initiative, is a Manifesto for the living beings. It has been written and continuously updated since 2020 by people with various international career paths, among them, PhD and Master graduated people in different domains, as aerospace engineering, with more than 10 years of professional experience. Its main objective is to make us think about the transformations we may need to perform over this century, to make our action perennial on Earth, respectful of all the living beings, and to start consciously to build the path beyond in space.
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This collective work aims to analyze main structural human organization inconsistencies and to extract some improvement principles to make the human species stronger and more relevant, for the whole Living on Earth and beyond in space. The analysis intends to be factual, to bring common hypothesis on which we can lean on to carry out the transformations. Thus this work would like to be independent of who is making the propositions.


Most of the hypothesis mainly come from Master of Science level Engineering University background. They have been thoroughly worked and verified, even if the effort to trace the sources has not been made systematically (notably because of the urgency of the COP/IPCC alerts asking us to quickly invent solutions; and this work is done entirely voluntarily on free time... therefore not very important in terms of available quantity). If no error, these hypothesis should be today part of the human species world knowledge.


The internet hyperlinks in the text may sometimes lead to specific scientific sources, but some other times they may just be shortcuts to open Wikipedia, as an invitation to start your own search for a word or a proposition of this site which you may have never heard, and immediately get a whole set of sources which will allow you to complete your understanding (a proposition for the long run: Wikipedia could be bougt by governements and put under responsibilities of National Scientific Centers so that this open encyclopedia got a real status of entry point towards scientific knowledge).


The proposed anticipations are elementary projections of phenomenon and capacities that we have now the knowledge of their permanence.

Though this website do not pretend to be all correct. It continues to evolve regularly based on feedbacks and on the evolution of the understanding of the issues addressed therein. It is therefore possible that you will not find exactly the same content each time you come back to it, knowing that normally, if the part you are reading has changed, it should be better worded or have been enriched with more information on the topic.

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This website wants to propose to the human species a support to invent a perennial organizational structure for all living beings within which the human species exists : this site concerns as much human beings individually as gathered in different companies, structures or communities.

This site wants to question certain references that we have inherited, references that can affect all dimensions of life, to allow us to invent together a perennial global trajectory for living beings.

This initiative therefore fully joins all the ones on-going for several decades to warn against the danger of our production model in permanent growth inside a finite planet, obviously those of institutions and NGOs:
WWF European Policy Office, Greenpeace,... ; and individual ones as Jean-Marc Jancovici, The Shift Project, Carbon 4, Aurélien Barrau, Thomas Piketty, Arthur Keller, Cyril Dion, Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rébellion, les Crapauds fous, Alternatiba,...(from the French, European window), and a lot more on the planet.

It is therefore fully in line with the idea that we have to operate a political, poetic, philosophical, structural, cultural,... global re-invention (a "revolution"), if we want to preserve the equilibrium of the living on the planet.

And a global reinvention is an effort for everyone to understand, to learn, to transform our reflexes, to transform the aspirations rooted in our heritage, our culture, to transform our lifestyles... while keeping in mind that not everyone does have the same learning capacities and that it will be necessary to remain tolerant during the transformation.



Besides, to open our minds to this possibility of life outside the planet Earth, we can draw inspiration from many science fictions (books, movies) that already take place in the Universe. Beyond the situations of each story (sometimes clearly fanciful), they have the merit of making us culturally appropriate this extension of life beyond the terrestrial barrier which has become a reality since our first steps on the Moon.

Some can be clearly dystopian, pushing the worst of our fears to the extreme: more than visions of anticipation, they speak precisely to what we never want to see happen by extrapolating the darker side of the openings offered by progress our technical capacities (for example the movie Matrix or the manga Gunnm proposing very negative extrapolations of “Artificial Intelligence”). Sometimes to be taken with precaution (especially for children), because they can extrapolate and lock up the natural fear that we have of the future and all its uncertainties, fear which today becomes all the more legitimate as these uncertainties are becoming a certainty that we have indeed overshot the planetary boundaries, and that we have not yet invented clear solutions to respect them (eco-anxiety, just the cartoon Wally makes us already uncomfortable...).

But the fact remains that any capacity will always be "double-edged" (or to avoid the binary "good/bad" vision: any capacity can always be used in a gradient going from very destructive to very constructive): the metal has killed thousands of lives with the sword, is present everywhere in our daily tools and saves thousands of lives thanks to its usefulness in many applications in medicine; atomic energy is the most powerful that we have discovered the existence of, it can destroy a city in one go, or supply an entire country with energy; etc...


The fact remains that in the entire history of life on Earth, living beings have never been so capable, and that the barrier of space is indeed wide open... not because that it is profitable in terms of exchange tokens (money), but because it allows us to imagine that life will no longer disappear with the Earth and its sun.

One could cite an incalculable number of productions which story already occurs in the Universe, between Star Wars and Dune.
Two examples that resonate very strongly with this Manifesto would be the movies of Luc Besson (by the way, congratulations to this journey which is an achievement and which demonstrates how from nothingness life can create):

  • Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets: which from the first minutes shows how the International Space Station, which continues to grow over the next few decades, is forced to be desorbed so as not to destabilize the Earth: more than a fiction, this film seems to be a real projection of the future; in any case it can be used on many aspects of specifications for engineers for future space developments.

  • The Fifth Element: cry of the heart which opposes any stone which would endanger life by hitting the Earth, any domination, any tyrannical power... and seems to resonate with each cell of this Manifesto.


Eventually, this site had no intention of being spiritual or metaphysical, but by deepening the assumptions common to the human species, and more generally to living beings, it finally touches on the question of the existence of life and its mystery. All the pages under the main axis LIVING : our nature thus offer a certain number of propositions for reflection that, among orthers, religions can seize upon in order to seek to remain in phase with the extension of knowledge of the human species, in order to tend towards an approach that brings together all living beings around an ideological and spiritual content each day a little more in harmony with the whole living and its mystery, specifying its place in our knowledge and in our ignorance of the world.

Thus this site does not propose to integrate a clan, a party, a community, any group which would have a certain prevalence compared to other living beings, or to follow a kind of leader/guru/prophet who, like all other living beings, would only be passing through the world.

It is like a book made available to everyone, written over several years with a most scientific approach possible, driven by the conviction that the human species must transform to preserve the viability of its planet and that all living beings are today concerned.

This Manifesto therefore seeks to take the necessary step back to face these global issues, and finally opens up doors throughout the existence of living beings.



The anecdote of the symbol of the site:


which corresponds to a symbolic and poetic dimension of the work, many of you will have recognized... is based on the PEACE AND LOVE symbol, on which is superimposed the shape of two concentric circles representing a cell ("a symbolic cell with a nucleus": eukaryotic cells of living beings do not have this shape), and on which is superimposed an arrow representing the needle of a compass, a tool to find our direction, placed vertically on the PEACE AND LIVE symbol:


The steps for constructing the symbol were as follows:

  • From the start of this work, the three axes Living - Equality - Perenniality very quickly emerged and remained the pillars of all reflection. The word "sustainability" was not retained, even if more used in the media, because too operational, lacked poetry, and a word very close between English and French were desired (as the secreatry of this website is French and as the job has been done in English and French simultaneously).

  • Perenniality inspiring the word Peace, taking the three axes in the other direction gave Peace, Equality and Living, to finish, replacing Equality by the simplest link "and", with Peace and Living...

  • From there a link with PEACE AND LOVE... and after some time playing with these terms and the symbol of PEACE AND LOVE, the name of the site suddenly seemed obvious: - PEACE AND LIVE, just as its symbol above.


This approach is completely in line with the fact that we have to respect our heritage and dare to use all the tools that have been passed on to us to allow ourselves to invent new ones, to invent our own path at every moment. That's what the living has been doing for about 3 billion years on the Earth planet, and we may keep on the way on Earth for the approximately billion remaining viable years... and, conclusion of this Manifesto, even in the Universe.

The symbol is finally used everywhere on the site, a bit like a new compass to find the right direction. It is finally used “in big” below at the page bottom, as well as the bottom of the Summary page, as a medium to gather, to sort and prioritize all the central principles/keywords of the Manifesto, thus offering an ideological visual synthesis of the Manifesto like so:


  • the LEFT lower diagonal arm, ACTION: Practice / Achieve / Teach

  • the RIGHT lower diagonal arm, DISTRIBUTION: Needs / Value / Respect

  • the upward vertical arm: Our nature / Our tools / Our future - corresponding to the refocusing of our very first priority which will always be Our nature, living beings; then give a place of meaning to Our tools, our technologies, which allow us to consider crossing our borders to guarantee the perenniality of life beyond the disappearance of the Earth with its sun.

  • finally the last downward vertical arm which takes up the three pillars of the site: LIVING / EQUALITY / PERENNIALITY

After many hesitations on the placement on the symbol of all these key words/conclusions of the reflection, in particular the downward placement of these last three pillars, whereas it was initially thought that this Perenniality word would be the conclusion at the top, "towards the stars", this final arrangement seems to be a good conclusion of all the reflection: to go far, to build perennial trajectories over the very long term, we have to take a step back, take a lot of steps back to embrace the global perspective as much as possible, to take the time to train and build solid foundations... to be able to project ourselves very far !

As for the "little poems" written in this typographic style at the bottom of each first level page of the site, they correspond to the exercise of sorting many different themes on the "Interior / Interface / Exterior" separation principle; principle which joins the very first capacity of the living to build in matter a separation between an interior and an exterior, the cell wall; principle which joins the axiom of choice (Zorn's lemma), one of the very first principles of the reasoning capacity of the human species, which can be summed up in the intellectual capacity to separate elements (distinguish elements that are different) and sort them out:

  • Known world:

    • Conservation (first axiom): Nothing is lost / Nothing is created / Everything gets transformed

    • Known Universe: Time / Space (vacuum) / Matter

    • Matter: Interactions / Elementary particles / Bond-Mouvement (Energy)

    • Transformation: Difference of energies / Transition / Equilibrium of energies

    • Energy: Still (potential) / Movement / Interactions

    • Interactions: Bosons (defined with the elementary particles) / Gravitation (Space-Time) / Living

    • Living being: Protect / Feed / Reproduce (to live one's sexual character - cf. page Being by nature)

(Because of the wave-particle, matter-energy duality, it is difficult to clearly separate which of the interaction and the particle is first, hence the loop between Matter-Interaction-Energy)

  • Living Beings:

    • Protect: Prey (the living is food for the living) / Capacities (inborn) / Coevolution (cf. page The living origin?)

    • Feed: Autotroph / Heterotroph (predator) / Coevolution

    • Reproduce: Mitosis / Meiosis / Fertilization-Coevolution (entomogamy,...)

    • Living relations: Family / Friends / Partners (Others)

    • Recognition: Biological / Identity / Secularism

    • Bond: Desire / Seduce / Feeling

    • Feeling: Love / Friendship / Neutral

    • Trust: Strong / Confident / Fascinated-Frightened

    • Pragmatism: Useful / Pleasure / Dream (Transcendence)

    • Intellectual capacity: Description / Projection-Anticipation / Fantastic-Poetry

    • Technical capacities: Describe / Build / Anticipate-Imagine

    • Point of view: Me / My reality / Universal

    • Vital pulse (heart resonance): Power (preserve what is acquired) / Justice (absolute equity) / Hope (to build the right path)

  • Society:

    • Finite biosphere : Habitable "rock" (Planet, space base) / Ground-Sea-Sky (solid, liquid, gaz)/ Space

    • Ownership: Private (exclusive use) / Public (shared, regulated use) / Virgin (to no one)

    • Culture : Capacities (transmitted) / Organization  / World representation (values, mystery, beliefs)

    • Organization : Action / Distribution / Future

    • Values : Safe / Success / Glory

    • Action (TO ACT): Practice / Achieve / Teach-Go Beyond

    • Distribution (TO HAVE): Needs / Value / Respect

    • Responsibilities: Functional-Basic / Duty / Initiative

    • Priorities: Our nature (the living beings) / Outr tools / Our future


Hence in conclusion, the values of the Manifesto : LIVING / EQUALITY / PERENNIALITY

And to gather the first words of each theme to make it a "small story" for Living, then the second words to make it one for Equality, and finally the last third words a "story" for Perenniality.

The "complete story" is gathered at the bottom of the Summary page of the website.

Incidentally, this description of the world confirms the structurally absurd character of the economic organization we have inherited, an organization that proposes to project all of reality onto a single unlimited dimension (money), whereas reality has dozens of dimensions, some entangled, embedded, constrained, sometimes limited and sometimes unbounded...

The first levels of this description could be partially summarized by this mapping:


4-About / 2

You now know everything about the website. We mostly hope that this work will give you some keys of reflection, will inspire you to explore the notions and hypotheses proposed... and above all, that it will lead you to participate in the necessary transformations of our organization to get out of its absurdities and its blindness.

Because yes we can transform: otherwise we would not be as numerous on Earth to no longer have divine absolute powers overwhelming populations.


It may therefore be a question of all making the effort to get out of certain heritages which may paralyze us (dominating/dominated, customer/supplier, boss/employee, professional/amateur, private/public, profitable/non-profitable, liberal/welfare state, republican/democrat, capitalism/communism/anarchism, Christian/Muslim/Buddhist/Jewish/taoist/..., Sunni/Shiite/..., Catholic/Protestant/Orthodox/..., The original breath (Qi)/Jehovah/Allah/God/The whole (the way of the Tao)/Yahweh/..., etc.) to ask us all together

the question of the relevance for the living beings on the very long term ?

to work all together to understand the origin of the problems, to develop solutions that respect everyone and the living, and then to integrate them into our lives.


And we are lucky to already have today the tools in place to do so on a global scale! (internet, connected hand computers,...)


As this work of improving our organization to respect the whole Living, based on the assumption of the "full automation capacity", may be quite technical, the scientists already world widely connected, especially through the universities, are particularly invited to work on this subject over the next few years, by setting up case studies, communicating and gradually including the entire population in the development and deployment of concrete operational solutions.

Do not hesitate to send your comments which would correct or support either the analysis or the transformations proposal, to set up your own workshops to invent a new human organization that would work from local to global while respecting all living beings, research that can start with this first proposal of key indicators:

  • The counter "Time" to ACT: ACTION relevant, rich and diverse throughout life on a basis of 1500h/year (36h/week with 10 weeks vacation per year).




    • DIVERSIFIED with maximum FREEDOM of orientation

  • ACTION divided into 14 areas:

A. Administration
B. KNOWLEDGE transfer / Training
C. Extension of KNOWLEDGE / Research
P.i Production of the 10 RESOURCES (i = 1 to 10) (cf. Distribution)
X. Peace and security

  • ACTION evaluated on criteria:

    • Involvement

    • Result

    • Skill level

    • Responsibility

  • To deduce a CONTRIBUTION:

    • Annual

    • Cumulative

​=> CONTRIBUTION allowing to evaluate our rights to HAVE.

  • 10 priority counters to HAVE: DISTRIBUTION that covers our needs, values proportionnally our action while respecting all forms of life

1. Vital resources :

1.a Water

1.b Food

1.c Housing

2. Operational resources:

2.a Energy

2.b Tools

2.c Transport

3. Social resources:

3.a Clothes

3.b Home furniture

3.c Culture and hobbies


+ Health


You can also send us proposals for new detailed rules of the game if you manage to take the exercise further, or your ideas of actions to carry out this transformation over the next decades...

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"La vie ne s'arrêtera jamais"


We only hear the falling tree in the growing forest,

this dead tree becoming itself a new oasis of life ...

Life won't stop




Thank you for your message

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