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Quite remarkable result of this Manifesto which proposed, without initial a priori, to make an analysis of the global situation of the human species facing:

  • the planetary boundaries overshoot,

  • the emergence of global automation technological capacities,

and attempting the exercise of finding solutions... is the result of a new separation of powers.

This key principle, already studied and tested in history (theory of the separation of powers developed by Locke (1632-1704) and Montesquieu (1689-1755)) has only concretely addressed the breakdown, the "separation", of the functions of State (State = group of people representing and responsible for the coordination of a given society) which have been concentrated in a single person for a very long time (Monarchies, Empires, etc.).

These major functions to be separated are:

  • Legislative power: elaborate the rules (Laws),

  • Executive power: execution of the rules,

  • Justice power: settlement of disputes.

Their separation is a necessary protection against despotism (concentration of personal power) and allows the balance of the exercise of power guaranteeing the protection of human rights.

If this functional separation is necessary at the level of the orchestration of a society, the result of this Manifesto summarized by the 3 requirements below, is that it would also be necessary to achieve an operational separation of powers concretely in the daily life of the inhabitants of the world, to guarantee independently:

  • the adaptive organization of the living: "legislative power",

  • the action of all: "executive power",

  • the distribution for all: “justice power”.

Powers that are concentrated today in a single counter, disconnected from the reality of our nature, on which our entire human organization is defined, money.

This result led to another rather remarkable observation, taking France as an example, which is precisely that this exchange tool, money, would be neither declared nor defined in its constitution. The role, the functions, the limits of the central tool of our human organization, money, would not be defined in the reference text defining the framework of our organization; tool to which, by cultural heritage, we simply delegate all authority and all value: hence the permanent confusion between "political power" and "economic power".

Then who really has the power? The human species or our exchange tool? How do we build a democracy when one of our own tool, money, holds all the authority?
The human species with its exchange tool would therefore have a big hole in the racket in terms of authority and ability to respect the biosphere in which it exists.

These results and findings may lead us to reinvent our organization, certainly through a new constitution.


Inspired by the complete analysis proposed by this site, this page gives an example of construction of the first levels of a CONSTITUTION which would respect the principle of separation of the powers of ACTION and DISTRIBUTION in order to ensure living beings perenniality on the very long term.

This page is a work in progress. Feel free to get into the complete website and get started in the same way ! All the propositions to push the topic forward are welcome.

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1. Any organization shall exist, be designed and be capable to adapt itself in order to be at the service of the perenniality of the living beings.

2. ACTION of all shall be:


  • RELEVANT for oneself and for the coexistence of living beings in a given ecosystem,

  • DIVERSIFIED with a maximum FREEDOM of orientation;


3. DISTRIBUTION for all shall:

  • cover our NEEDS exactly, without growth nor decrease (= no one dies of hunger, cold or mild disease),

  • fairly VALUE ​​our action (involvement, skills, results, responsibility),

  • RESPECT the limits of resources in a given context to allow their perennial renewal.

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  • FINITE VIABLE CONTEXT: (currently Earth + ISS)

    • SPACE: Definition of the occupation of space (Seas/Lands/Sky):

      • space to be left wild to leave room for the profusion of biodiversity and the establishment of the living perenniality.

      • space exploitable by the human species.

      • space (volume) habitable by the human species.

    • RESOURCES: Estimation of resources available and exploitable at any time:

      • renewable resources: drinking water, food, energy, renewable raw materials (wood, etc.).

      • disposable resources: fossil and nuclear energy, non-renewable raw materials.

    • INHABITANTS: Maximum number of inhabitants in this context.

  • ACTION : 1 time counter to ACT (action relevant, rich and diversified throughout life, for instance on the following pace - cf. page Equality/Action for more detail)

    • from 6 months to 58 years old: 36h/week with 10 weeks off per year (1500h/year).

    • from 59 years old to 70 years old: 2h/week less each year, going from 36h/week to 12h/week gradually between 58 years old and 70 years old (always 10 weeks of leave per year).

    • from 70 years old to the end of life: 12h/week (at best according to each person's capacities), 10 weeks of vacation per year.


ACTION separated in 14 domains:

A. Administration

B. KNOWLEDGE transfer / Training

C. KNOWLEDGE extension / Research

Vital production :

1.a Water

1.b Food

1.c Housing

Operational production :

2.a Energy

2.b Tools

2.c Transport

Social production :

3.a Clothes

3.b Home furniture

3.c Culture and hobbies


+ Health care and services


X. Peace and security

  • DISTRIBUTION : 10 counters to HAVE (distribution which covers our needs, values proportionnally our action while respecting all forms of life)

Vital resources :

1.a Water

1.b Food

1.c Housing

Operational resources:

2.a Energy

2.b Tools

2.c Transport

Social resources:

3.a Clothes

3.b Home furniture

3.c Culture and hobbies


+ Health

 0-Presentation / 3-CONSTITUTION / 3

The task now is to seek, on the basis of these minimum requirements and indicators, a concrete organizational structure that is sufficiently respectful of all living beings so that the majority of human beings feel useful and respected throughout their life.

The exercise amounts to imagining a realistic organization that puts the Universal Participation Notice to music:

Page in progress, CONSTITUTION invention to be continued...

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