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 The living evolves in finite viable contexts :

known today, a viable planet for a finite time near a star in the Universe.

The living needs therefore to cross its frontieres to be perennial.

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As Earth is a closed volume of matter, an ever growing quantities economy expectation on earth is not feasible (cf. one of the very first analytical theorems in mathematics: any increasing function in a bounded set converges). Therefore, on earth itself, a growth economy shall turn one day or another into a regulated equilibrium organization.


This on-going century (2000-2100) should be the leveling off of the growth economy on earth : Homo sapiens is mostly done with occupying entirely the earth and building its equipments.

For instance, before 2040, homo sapiens should be done with the main construction of aircrafts for its planet, leaving available the big part of the aeronautical industry. Automation as well, should carry on its deployement in all the activities, leaving available a big part of the population.

It is, in the meantime, the full technical step that enables the construction of the means not to die anymore with any space event on earth, nor with our planet and our sun disparitions.

We are just lucky that we have "awakened to intelligence" before any total catastrophic planet or space event, and that we have few years ahead before the sun inflation.

We will be soon about 8 billions of people on earth, so lots of us available. To animate relevantly the massive population available on earth within the next 20 years, with the Universal Pariticipation organization set up :

Let us start the life space journey !


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To start off !

As money is a planet human tool, this kind of change of human organization is not feasible for one country by itself, and at the opposite, it is not feasible for the whole planet at once.

It shall be shared on the whole planet, respect the time for all of us to appropriate ourselves the necessity to transform our current organization to be able to respect all of us, and to figure out if the propositions really are improvements. 

A minimum of 20 years to operate the transformation on the planet should be realistic, and coinciding perfectly with the end of the main industrial aeronautical production for the earth.

A way to start off today would be to change the name of "money" into  "priority points",

and ask us all how do we organize all our days for the life space journey ?

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Perenniality: our future, partners, Life won't stop.

Meet the stranger to push our limits, understand the unknown, fascinating and scaring,

to project outside, through space emptiness, the new life adapted to its new environment.

Life won't stop

If birds have wings obviously to fly,

the intellectual capacity that life built up,

that human beings did not choose to have,

that would be there whatever our organiszation is (capitalist, communist, anarchic,...),

whatever our beliefs or religions are,

opens amazingly the opportunity for life not to die

with a space rock flying by and hitting the earth,

nor with its earth and sun disparitions...

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