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Living beings have to cooperate to build an equilibrium, an equality,

to be able to survive inside their contexts.

2-Equality / 0

However, we observe significant dysfunctions of our human organization to build and maintain a global balance (inequalities, mass unemployment, pollution, reduction of biodiversity,...).


Human activities even seem in recent decades to endanger the future of life on Earth:

  • Our culture and economical organization seems to generate an ever-running diverging loop without  respect for humans nor for the Living on our resources limited planet : overproduction, planned obsolescence, growth economy without perspective,...

  • Our global automation technical capacity has now made its proof : it should keep going its deployment in all the domains, pushed carelessly forward by previous current systemic economical goals, factorizing all the tasks and leaving available a huge part of the population without job.

What are the main root causes, in our organization and culture,

that generate all these negative effects wished by nobody ? 

2-Equality / 1

Historical inherited main organisational inconsistency

One single tool, money, to manage simultaneously:

  • ACTION : everybody's everyday work

  • DISTRIBUTION : everybody's property

These two functions carried by a single tool (money) make it a tool that walks on its own feet, a tool that intrinsically carries a permanent conflict of interest between our everyday action and everybody's property. As a tail biting snake, this conflict of interest is the origin of the diverging feedback of our organization.

2-Equality / 2

  • without money we do not act : no budget to employ.

  • without money we do not have : no budget to buy something.

2-Equality / 3


Tail biting snake money organization

which unique goal is to be increasing (diverging),

that does not talk about us nor the perspective

2-Equality / 4

Examples of circular nonsense generated by the concentration of powers in a single counter (money):

  • If everybody has a house in which he lives peacefully :

    • This is a real success of humanity.

    • In the economical organization it is catastrophic : the Real estate sector is dying and so many people unemployed without salaries.

  • If everybody has an electrical car that fails almost never :

    • This is an incredible human technical success to cover everybody’s tryearsport need, protecting environment in the mean time.

    • In the economical world again a disaster : the car and oil industry sector is wiped out with again so many people without salaries.


  • If no one is ever sick and there are no more accidents:

    • It is a joy and a peace of mind for all mankind, leaving an army of scientists available to perennialize life across space,

    • In the economic organization, the very noble profession of doctor and the entire hospital environment find themselves idle and without pay.

2-Equality / 5

Here is the nonsense that generates our organization centered on money:

Our real successes are disasters in the economic organization.

Intelligent living beings may not be on earth to print tokens,

to exchange them and accumulate them on accounts, to generate salaries.

2-Equality / 6

Money is a human tool inherited from history, which definition and everyday use may not be relevant anymore to build a global stable and perennial organization for the living beings when the human species is reaching the limits of its planet and is developping global automation technical capacities.

If in many aspects, this tool remains relevant and really makes a large part of the world population live well, the inherited monopoly of powers that this tool has, narrows down our perception and interpretation of the world events, and generates a lot of nonsense.


With its monopoly, everything becomes a function of this counter (money). Tool and target at the same time, it becomes the central guide of our days, creating this tunnel effect of ever more, an ever running economical results contest, tail biting snake which is the origin of our blind locked up diverging and absurd growth world organization.

Thus the real need to invent new rules of the game to bring clarity and relevance for all living beings on the long term.

2-Equality / 7

What organization perennial for the living beings

could we invent ?


One main requirement that our organization should garantee seems to be that:

  • the action of all of us,

  • the distribution for all of us,

two different issues, shall be permanent and continuous over life.

2-Equality / 8


We cannot wait for tokens that we ourselves print (money)

to be relevantly in action everyday of our lives.

2-Equality / 9


Two institutions : ACTION + DISTRIBUTION

HYPOTHESIS : we are all here every day, we will never be less rich if we are all relevantly in action everyday.

PROPOPSED PRINCIPLE TO TRANSFORM:As we did it in the past when one entity concentrated too much powers (religion and state, laws/justice/executive powers), an idea to solve our main organization inconsistency, the concentration of powers into a single counter (money), would be to



Two institutions, as for executive and justice powers.


2-Equality / 10

ACTION and DISTRIBUTION powers separation


2-Equality / 11

Powers separation deactivates the fight to get a job, to break into the global competitive market, first tension of the diverging economical growth circle,

giving to all of us a rich and diversified full-life job.

This organisation would not be a jail in which everyone would get stuck, or would be undergoing despot powers. The transformation exercise is to identify the inconsistencies in our economic organization which inhibit our freedom to act and make it become our jail today, in order to improve it.


The Universal Participation should therefore ensure that everyone in the world has free access (at least more freely than in the economic organization) to the whole action potential throughout their lives.


This organization could be based on inventories kept up to date and made public, from local to global, of all the actions in progress with their level of prioritization, for which everyone could / should invest up to a level of desired / minimum time.

​These inventories would not be the possession of a chief, of a state, which imposes an authority on people, but rather the collective, continuous and permanent emergence of a capacity of relevance of the Living for the Living, ensured by multidisciplinary teams renewed regularly at each level, from local to global.

This principle of co-management leads to the proposition that democracy should not be formalized by the election of representatives and coordinators, but rather by the ability to collectively choose the priorities to be developed from the short term to the long term, and from locally to globally. Very concretely, we would not vote for people, but for projects and orientations adapted to each scale of the world (the people concretely carrying out the various projects being trained to be able to carry them out).

Eventually, the split of the power monopoly of our accounting tool (money) into two different counters:

  • our days : for ACTION

  • a priority point : for DISTRIBUTION.

would allow us to consider separately and with consistency both questions of the ACTION of all on one hand, and of the DISTRIBUTION for all on the other hand. 

2-Equality / 12


Let's go forward on human organization improvements...

If school has progressed to the point that it constitutes today the first 23 years of our lives for a very large part of the population, whereas a 100 years ago the majority of the populations did not spend more than 5 years in school, the next step for humanity seems to ask us to build the Universal Participation, the garantee that:


  • the whole population can participate in the construction of the world and of the future throughout our lives, without having any doubt that our lives are useful and relevant, building ourselves up in the whole richness of life without wasting a single day : ACTION.

  • the need of everyone is covered, our action is fairly valued and the environment is respected : DISTRIBUTION.

2-Equality / 13

With this new organization that we must invent,

the Universal Participation, that respects all the living beings with their environment,

we would then have a perennial organization to start building up the stairways to the stars...

Equality: our cultures, different, shaped in a context.

Share with your friends and work to understand to grow up, in order to build with trust the life journey,

living movements at the interface of the lands, the seas and the sky.

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