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Stable phenomenon over billions of years on a planet, which constructs and animates interdependent living beings in matter, to which human being belongs.

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More than 3 billions of years of history of the living that shows the stability of this phenomenon on a planet facing the worst cataclysms...

The living is not a phenomenon in which all the species have been and will be preserved for eternity. The living transforms and adapts itself to construct its path in many imposed contexts. The living always got up after the worst cataclysms (meteorites, ice and dry hot eras …), and in the same way, it should go through our climate change. However, by its own way of construction, the living is not able to cross space emptiness and its destiny was linked to the one of its planet.

What if the living, whith Homo sapiens and our huge technological capacities, could garantee its perenniality beyond the predictable Earth disparition with its sun ?


What if the living built with intelligence the capacity to construct its path through space ?

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Any doubts ?

Homo Sapiens has widely demonstrated its incredible production capacities, for instance in a remarkable way during this passed century. Its capacities open wide the persepctives of transformation. Let us remind that homo sapiens did not know how to fly in 1900, throwing himself off of cliffs with cloth hung on wood sticks... and dying almost once over twice.


And today, barely hundred years later:

  • We build aircrafts weighing 550 tons, carrying 800 passengers half way around the world in one day, without increasing our natural probability to die.

  • We have equiped the earth of those almost autonomous planes in about 50 years.

  • We have been to the moon 6 times in only 12 years between 1960 and 1972, up to drive a car on its surface !

  • We have equiped the earth of a numerical telecommunication network in only 30 years, and we all have a telecommunication computer in our pocket.

  • We have a space lab (the International Space Station) around the earth, and others before.

  • And much more...

This human species technical capacity brings amazingly the opportunity

to imagine life not to die with its planet and its star !

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However, our organisation and culture centered on our exchange tool, money, may represent

a major obstacle to this living huge capacities and its perspectives towards space.

We therefore need to first start tinking on how to transform it...

Living: our nature, identical.

Lean on what is fixed and solid inside your home,
take the time to digest, to describe the world in family,
and to practice in order to be ready for action.

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