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To start right away ?


FINITE PLANET = Bounded production = Bounded consumption = BOUNDED SALARIES

Very concretely in the immediate future, before having invented a new organization structurally perennial for the living beings, we could for example launch a global movement - directors, shareholders and stars on the front showing the example - which would simply consist in everyone taking the initiative to limit her/his salaries:

  • all those who earn more than 5000 dollars per month would ask by themselves to see their salary gradually return to 5000 dollars until 2030,

  • all those who earn between 3000 dollars net and 5000 dollars per month would ask for their salary to be frozen,

  • all the unpaid excess of these salaries would be donated to a global fund piloted by the UN and governments to help populations in difficulty and to build major global projects.

This measure would aim to achieve fairly quickly the necessary rebalancing of the capacities TO ACT and of the rights TO HAVE of the human species on the planet in order to be able to better respect us all, and to respect the biosphere limits... which will not wait for us.

​This action is above all symbolic and will not alone solve the global problem of respecting planetary limits: it aims to express a clear message of REFUSAL OF THE OMNIPOTENTE AUTHORITY OF THE MONETARY COUNTER, with the aim of serving as an impetus, a " seed ", to LAUNCH THE NECESSARY COLLECTIVE WORK OF INVENTION OF A NEW PERENNIAL ORGANIZATION FOR LIVING BEINGS!

The salary thresholds are deliberately high (the majority of people in the world are not at these levels), to appeal to the richest 10%, who currently have the power within the rules of the game in place, who are generally capable to understand the fact that the human species exist on a finite planet whose balances must be respected, so that they take the movement head on and set an example!

One of the priorities of this exercise (an emergency for several decades according to the UN, the IPCC and the IBPES), would be to determine, in all areas of existence, the GOOD LIMITS not to be exceeded to guarantee at every moment, every day, every year the perennial renewal of the resources of our FINITE BIOSPHERE, that is to say at least first: LEAVE ENOUGH SPACE, AIR AND FRESH WATER (not polluted) to all the chains of the living so that they can flourish.

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Make the topic yours

This work of transformation begins with in-depth personal work. We must read the analysis and the transformation proposals up to understand them, in order to be able to restore them, to challenge them, and to go further on. This site is built a bit like a Russian doll and you can gradually master it by level:


Knowing that if you are comfortable with all the content of the Presentation page, you are already largely capable of sharing the keys to this Manifesto around you to become aware of our contradictions and open the door to transformation.

The Summary page and the extra short “printable book version” of this Manifesto can be ways to remember the overall demonstration and to share it:

Besides, it is good to dig into other theories, read the history of life on Earth, the history of the human species, our knowledege of the Universe and what we have already built in the nearby space... to realize how our human technical capacity is meaningful for the whole Living in its context in the Universe.

This work should enable us to individually transform our referential, our daily reflexes, and progressively during the next 10 to 20 years, to collectively transform our institutions.

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Share it around you

If you feel that this website brings any relevant ideas to go forward on these topics, to help us being capable to build an organization which is concretely humanist and perennial to build the stairways to the stars... feel free to share it and discuss it with others.

You may propose its reading to anyone by putting the address of this website at the bottom of your messages on the social networks :


You can also put a generic sentence at the bottom of your emails with an hyperlink towards this website, for example  like so:

Let's invent an organization perennial for the living beings !

If you want to share it actively, you can use the following medium to make leaflets, stickers, or posters to distribute around you... or even use them as the only 2 slides that you can project during discussion/presentation sessions:





You may also participate to the discussions on Linked In and share the reflection on other social networks using the keywords #peacenlive and #lifewontstop.

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Let us invent new rules of the game...

For those who would be most convinced and motivated by the analysis and proposals of this Manifesto, we must now start inventing new rules of the game with their counters and tools, that would enable the establishment of a stable and perennial organization, from the local to the global, for the whole living on Earth during the remaining billion years, and beyond in space...

A method to achieve this in the next 10 to 20 years could be the following (set of open proposals):

  • Create working groups in all the universities of the world which would propose to:

    • Analyze the inconsistencies and contradictions of our organization centered on our exchange tool (money),

    • Search and invent new rules of the game that would preserve the stability and sustainability of life on Earth and in space, while guaranteeing the minimum requirements of:

      • Action: rich and diversified for all throughout life,

      • Distribution: which covers everyone's needs and promotes everyone's action.

    • Open the work to everyone by publishing it online, popularizing it during regular public debate sessions, and by analyzing proposals from the whole population.

    • Follow up and summarize the work that each university would submit annually to its government.

    • Iterate each year on the basis of the feedback that the governments would offer them, gradually integrating the global vision.

  • Create working groups in all governments in charge of:

    • Analyze and summarize the work previously produced by all the universities in his country,

    • Propose a summary to the international organization in charge of preserving the future of life on Earth and in space.

    • Iterate each year (inconsistency, non-specific applicability to certain contexts) with the universities and the international organization in charge.

    • Change the rules of the game in place in his country accordingly, the popularization and learning of all being done mainly through the University.


  • Rename the United Nations (UN) into the United Living (UL) organization:

    • Three values, pillars: LIVING - EQUALITY - PERENNIALITY

    • One motto, one direction: Life won't stop

    • United Living Organization new responsibilities:

      • Iterate each year with the working groups of all governments to develop, update, make available to all The Universal Declaration of Living Beings Coexistence (extension of Human Rights to living beings).

      • Derive from these minimum existencial conditions straight forward rules of the game allowing the stability and perenniality of life:

        • on Earth for the billion years remaining viable,

        • in space.

      • Determination of the main life perennialization development steps:

        • on Earth facing meteorites, hot eras and ice eras to come,

        • in Earth orbits,

        • in the Lunar orbits and on the Moon,

        • in Mars orbits and on Mars,

        • in the viable belt around the sun during the few billion years remaining viable, before the inflation of the sun leading to the end of our solar system,

        • ...

        • towards the closest stars,

        • ...

        • in our Galaxy before its meeting with Andromeda in 4 billion years,

        • ...

        • and in the Universe.

These rules of the game must be simple, intuitive and so obvious that the majority of human beings actually see progress in them and adhere to them spontaneously without too many learning difficulties.


The Universal Participation notice proposes a first vision of what could be the structure of the organization, with its indicators and key information updated and made available to all annually, to guarantee the stability and perenniality of life on Earth and beyond :

If we work well, then we might wake up twenty years from now looking at a few tokens (money) lying around in the corner that have become obsolete, and wondering : What was that Monopoly game we all used to play? "Supply and demand law"? The value ? The capital gain ? The price ? Inflation? GDP? "Competitiveness" ? All these concepts as vague as all the demonstrations that we have been able to make...


Knowing how many we are and if we are able to produce enough food to feed everyone: this is a clear problem that we can pose and solve, as many others in our human organization !

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Eventually, if this work of transformation may seem too difficult for ourselves, questionning too many of our references, it should not be thought of as a transformation that we must achieve today for ourselves, but as a thorough work that we can achieve over the long term to guide our children and grandchildren of today so that they never experience unemployment nor need, on a planet where it is nice to live, while being ready to start the stairways to the stars...

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