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This page is the conclusion of this website, giving directly a synthesis of the analysis and of the propositions of transformation, without indepth explanation, that we could carry out over the next decades to make our organization structurally perennial for living beings, concretely humanist and start off consciously the stairways to the stars... reading the whole website will allow you to understand its foundations.

Here is a printable summary of the Manifesto if needed (French only for the moment):

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FIRST STEP:  Problem identification 

Central inconsistency of our human organization inherited from history:

we print tokens (money) to which we delegate whole authority and all value,

generating a circular diverging organization disconnected from the reality of our nature

which could endanger the future of Life


which is amplified by the human technical capacities which has reached  today the level :

to automatize (almost) entirely our action

as to carry us to the moon, opening the way for the Living not to disappear with its planet and star...

SECOND STEP:  Build foundations 

Find and put at the center basic principles that would ensure a stable and perennial organization giving to all of us:

  • a rich and diversified full-life-job: ACTION.

  • covering our needs, valuing proportionally our action, respecting us all and the environment: DISTRIBUTION.


Concretely, this principle of separation of ACTION and DISTRIBUTION powers results in the proposition to invent a new human organization called Universal Participation in which our current accounting tool (money) would be divided at least into two independent counters:


  • The time counter to ACT : ACTION

ACTION relevant, rich and diverse throughout life on a basis of 1500h/year (36h/week with 10 weeks vacation per year):




    • DIVERSIFIED with maximum FREEDOM of orientation

  • ACTION organized like so:


A.    PRACTICE        Cohabit-Knowledge-Skills
               1-10   Production of

=>   PROTECT         Peace and Security

  • ACTION evaluated on criteria:

    • Involvement

    • Result

    • Skill level

    • Responsibility

  • To deduce a CONTRIBUTION:

    • Annual

    • Cumulative

​=> CONTRIBUTION allowing to evaluate our rights to HAVE.


  • Priority points to HAVE : Distribution

These DISTRIBUTION priority points may also be separated into different points depending on the nature of what is distributed; example of 10 independent counters for distribution:


1. Vital resources :

​1.a Water

1.b Food

1.c Housing

2. Operational resources:

2.a Energy

2.b Tools

2.c Transport

3. Social resources:

3.a Clothes

3.b Home furniture

3.c Culture and hobbies


+ Health

Each one covering our needs, valuing our ACTION proportionnally to our CONTRIBUTION, while respecting all forms of life.


THIRD STEP:  Build detailed operational solutions 

Build the detailled rules of the game, from the local village to the global space, that could evolve in time to adapt to specific contexts, that would make concrete the realization of these principles:

This is the open work for us all during the next 10 to 20 years...


The objective of this work of transformation of our organization is to create "local" autonomy everywhere, by linking the size of the issues to be managed to the size of the populations. This organization would guarantee the right and the duty to act to everyone our whole lives on, at a work rate for example of 36 hours/week with 10 weeks of vacation per year as explained on the Equality/Action page. It should guarantee greater freedom of development for everyone than in our current economic organization (in 2020).


It could, for example, be inspired by the following demographic organization:


LAST STEP:  Deploy the solutions 


Make the principles and the rules of the game public and progressively deploy them. The transformation has to be pulled by people themselves because we feel that the rules enhance our individual and collective lifestyle and liberty.


If freedom has been fought for and won by our ancestors, it is not to let it become a freedom that would be noise, denial or disdain of what we are, nonsense, nor diverging growth, dictate by some tokens, that could endanger the future of Life... but to make our lives relevant and rich, individually and collectively, everyday in a better understanding and respect of our nature.


Therefore, our rules shall ensure that we can majorly evolve freely in the whole potential of ACTION our whole lives on, while ensuring that our ways of life do not endanger the life perenniality.

At the end of this transformation, let say around 2040 if we work well, the "Income tax notice" would be replaced by a "Universal Participation Notice" that could be inspired by the following form:

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