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Living beings have to cooperate to build an equilibrium, an equality,

to be able to survive inside their contexts.

2-Equality / 3-Action / 0

Example of ACTION coordination

To be relevantly in action everyday of our lives shall only be a question of orientation,
not a question of the presence or not of some tokens (money).


2-Equality / 3-Action / 1

Example of organisation of the 36 hours a week of action

of the Universal Participation all along our lives

2-Equality / 3-Action / 2

The Universal Participation would propose an organizational structure for permanent action, continuous in value, based on an individual action budget throughout life: for example an average week of 36 hours of work, with 10 weeks of vacation per year.


The Universal Participation would propose to accomplish evolving learning and production tasks according to the abilities, motivations and age of each person: for example, on the basis of an annual rhythm, a person could commit to participate in two actions in two different fields for which he acquired the right skill level during his continuous training. Diversity is a pledge of stimulation of our interest and motivation, giving us all the concrete means of relying on a preference that we have at all times (the concept of a single activity job for years naturally endangers our motivation).

A “PACT" (Participation Active and ConTinuous) would be the minimum permanent action independent of the “projects situation”, which would aim to consider and ensure the integrity and realization of everyone's potential throughout life. For example, it could be organized as follows:

  • 3 hours per week of intellectual skills training: would maintain the skills acquired over time and enrich them, for example broken down as follows:

    • 1h/week of communication, analytical and synthetic mind, languages, human civilizations and history of the living,

    • 1h/week of Mathematics and applications,

    • 1h/week of Sciences, Arts, techniques and tools.

  • 3 hours per week of physical training: participation in a minimum of activity using our entire body (sports, dance, ...) to guarantee that we keep us fit, for example organized as follows:

    • 1h/week of body coordination, rhythm, dance, self-defense, breathing, singing, stretching, relaxation,

    • 1h/week of cardio-training,

    • 1h/week of muscle building.

  • 3 hours per week of "world inhabitant duty": sharing among all of all the necessary tasks that interest no one and that no one wants to do (emptying the trash, sort and recycle waste, clean one's neighborhood, clean the premises of one's workplace, ... ).

  • 3 hours per week of free expression: free time during the week to develop our own ideas and express ourselves in the way we want, individually or in groups (reading, writing, theater, singing, music, artistic creation,...). Could be the privileged place of emergence of new concepts, to then propose them for a wider deployment (from local to global) if the interest is confirmed.

2-Equality / 3-Action / 3

ACTION permanent on a basis of 1500h/year (36h/week with 10 weeks vacation per year):




    • DIVERSIFIED with maximum FREEDOM of orientation

  • ACTION organized like so:


A.    PRACTICE        Cohabit-Knowledge-Skills
               1-10   Production of

=>   PROTECT         Peace and Security

  • ACTION evaluated on criteria:

    • Involvement

    • Result

    • Skill level

    • Responsibility

  • To deduce a PARTICIPATION:

    • Annual

    • Cumulative

​=> PARTICIPATION allowing to evaluate our rights to HAVE.

Unemployement, inaction, uselessness will never be a possible choice for free living beings.

Examples of weekly schedules

At 35 years old :


Another person at 35 years old :


Someone at 85 years old (PACT only):


2-Equality / 3-Action / 4

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