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 The living evolves in finite viable contexts :

known today, a viable planet for a finite time near a star in the Universe.

The living needs therefore to cross its frontieres to be perennial.

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Respect to transform


Like any new idea that shakes up our referentials, potentially questioning our organization and some of our institutions, we must accept that it takes time to transform, a time that may even exceed our life time.

3-Perenniality / 2-Respect / 1

Indeed, if we take the example in our history of the representation of the ground on which we walk and the sky above our heads, we can see that it has taken generations for the majority of the human population to accept the fact that we are on a sphere, a planet among billions in the universe.

These transformations did not happen without violence. We have to imagine what it might be like to succeed in demonstrating for the first time that the Earth is round, when we still had no point of view outside the Earth and all of Humanity "knew with evidence that the Earth was flat ”, and to have to go and tell our parents, our grand parents,… even the kings,… and up to the Pope: "we are all wrong, the Earth is round!"

In addition to the direct individual effort of understanding the demonstration and transformating our representations that this implied for all, it was an upheaval that potentially undermined the credibility of the powers in place which asserted themselves at that time through a knowledge of the Truth and of the Imprescriptible Law.

It is then quite natural that violent and brutal reactions followed the proposition of ideas which came to transform these referencials.

3-Perenniality / 2-Respect / 2

Today, if we are numerous on Earth to live in much more open societies, where everyday physical violence has decreased enormously over the last two centuries, where freedom of expression is part of our rights, this does not suppose that we are all capable to accept new relevant ideas when they arise.

Indeed, we are all born into a world with its referencials, its functionning, its organizations, which we integrate from our early childhood.

Proposing new ideas that deeply question the overall structure of this organization is therefore an individual and collective effort of change of our daily reflexes, which may not be acceptable, or even achievable, by a huge part of the population.

Here is a small picture that illustrates how completely different our perception of reality can be depending on the point of view, depending on where we are:


In this example, the two characters, from their respective landmarks, "are both right". Depending on the angle of view, the cylinder they are both looking at may actually have the shape of a blue square or an orange circle.

If we stay on our scale, a single observation by our eyes of the ground on which we walk would have made us all think that the Earth was flat.


Typically for today's physics puzzles, if 3 plane spatial dimensions and one time dimension, all at constant scale, works well on our Earth scale, this "classic benchmarks" of geometry that we all acquire through "the common sense of our daily experience", no longer works when we go towards the very small (the physics of elementary particles) or the very large (the physics of black holes). In these areas, we precisely have to allow ourselves to reinvent/discover behaviors of the world that we have never imagined.

​Even if we need fixed points, solid anchor points to practice and strengthen, these fixed landmarks must remain points of support for building and go beyond. Perenniality can be built on the long term thanks to the knowledge of the world, knowledge that gives us the keys to build solutions to events in space on which we could never have done anything directly with our own hands (walk on the Moon, deflect a meteorite, supply energy for billions of people,...).

Moreover, what is interesting to see in the example above is that it is indeed in the difference of point of view and their reunion that there is finally "an improvement of knowledge": by cross-checking the two observations, the two people would be able to realize that they were indeed observing the same thing but that the whole thing was actually a multicolor cylinder, thus finding themselves both grown with a better understanding of the world around them, maybe including the fact that they themselves are deeply similar, two living beings capable of describing the world.

​If we put together all the attempts of the human species on Earth to understand the origin of the living, we may come out bigger. We would most certainly realize that we are all the same, living beings capable of describing the world, that we are facing a mystery that no one has solved, and that many of us are "praying this source of life" which animates us so that it protects us and puts us on the right path to build the most perennial future possible.

3-Perenniality / 2-Respect / 3

Money is a millenary tool of the human species at the heart of our global organization and culture:


  • To say that money is not a relevant tool to build a stable and perennial global human organization, and that it must be transformed by separating the coordination of action from the management of distribution into two independent powers:

Is a total change of referencial and organization for all of us, and therefore cannot be proposed as the solution to be deployed instantaneously without generating tensions that could diverge.

3-Perenniality / 2-Respect / 4

As the leaves of trees have been optimized to capture sunlight ever better, the wings of birds to always fly better,… the functions of living beings are developing so that living beings are always stronger and adapted to their context:

  • To say that the technical capacities of the human species have been developed to protect life in its planetary and spatial context:


Is also an affirmation that may change our cultural references.

3-Perenniality / 2-Respect / 5

Thus, as war will never be a way to carry out transformations as it precisely destroyes what we want to protect, our lives, we must accept that the major transformations of civilization are spread over generations, mainly going through children who can learn new referentials and build the world differently (meaning with a time constant of a generation : 20 years).

This would mean that the nonsense generated by the full power of money could, at best, if we start working now and if we work well, be an old story that our children of today would tell to their grandchildren in 2100 looking at the Earth in the distance from a space station window...

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