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Living beings have to cooperate to build an equilibrium, an equality,

to be able to survive inside their contexts.

2-Equality / 4-Distribution / 0

Example of Distribution management

Covering the needs of all of us, valuing fairly the action of each one, respecting the environment,
would be the three first requirements that any human wealth Distribution organization shall garantee.


2-Equality / 4-Distribution / 1

In the same way as Action and Distribution would be separated, the principle of separation would have to be applied at all the levels, even inside the Distribution.


This separation could be achieved concretely by setting up independent counters/indicators for each domain (priority points for water, priority points for food, etc.), as opposed to the single current tool, money, which counts everything together and creates confusion.

For instance, it is obvious that our ability to provide water for everyone to drink and wash has nothing to do with the real estate market; likewise, our ability to properly feed the entire planet is in fact not linked to our ability to produce strictly increasing quantities of smartphones.

We thus see that our ability to cover everyone's needs could be guaranteed independently of the fluctuations of this or that other activity/production... while our tool of exchange (money), the single almighty counter of our current organization, mixes everything.

Thus, each resources that can be shared between all would be would be considered separately:

1. Vital resources :

1.o Air - not a living resource to be followed up on Earth (yet in 2020); shall be counted in limited spaceships for example.a

1.a Water

1.b Food

1.c Housing

2. Operational resources:

2.a Energy

2.b Tools

2.c Transport

3. Social resources:

3.a Clothes

3.b Home furniture

3.c Culture and hobbies


+ Health

Thus enabling us to define adapted and relevant rules for each resource, ensuring that the needs are covered for all of us, that our owning rights are proportionnal to our Action, respecting everyone and the environment.

2-Equality / 4-Distribution / 2

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