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The Living Beings Manifesto ( is being written since 2020 following the observation of two major ruptures for the human species:

  • the technological development opening up to "global automation capacities" (marketing term "Artificial Intelligence") : computers/robots that can perform almost everything in an automated way, for instance from a cashier job up to Mars exploration (...), through the production of works of Art (...?).


​Facing these challenges, the Living Beings Manifesto would like to rigorously bring together the common living beings assumptions, in order to carry on the improvement of our human organization, so that it guarantees the perenniality of living beings, from local to global and over the very long term (cf. chronology at the page bottom), while giving:

  • a relevant, rich and diversified full-life job to everyone,

  • a place of meaning to our technologies whose power may seem disproportionate for our daily lives: technology makes it possible to envisage that life will no longer disappear with the next meteorite which would strike the Earth, nor with the Earth and the sun inflation...

To achieve this transformation, the Living Beings Manifesto sets out a fundamental organizational principle:

the separation of ACTION (TO ACT) and DISTRIBUTION (TO HAVE) powers,


and is based on three central values ​​that should describe our place in the world:


Here below is an extra short "printable book version" of this Manifesto (of this website), making a synthesis in few pages of the main ideas proposed here; to be printed for those who do not have access to internet or for those who like to have available a book format to read and manipulate ideas (for the moment in French only):

Finally, here is the slideshow used during the presentation and discussion sessions around the Manifesto (do not hesitate to use it to lead your own workshops):

Do not hesitate to send via the Contact page your questions, suggestions for corrections or contributions, or to ask for a presentation of the Manifesto to start off the research... and the transformation!  0-Presentation / 0


2020-2040 : LET's TRANSFORM !

Trivially speaking, it is simply unacceptable that the action of the human species could endanger the future of life.

To support the research for solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals launched by the UN (SDGs), this Manifesto invites everyone to digest it, to share it, and to start workshops everywhere in an open participative continuous improvement way, in particular in all the universities and scientific labs of the world, in order to invent new modes of organization, "new rules of the game”, which ensure that the planet boundaries are not overshot each year… thus preserving the living beings perenniality on our planet on the long term!

There will be no magic: without collective work that extends on a global scale to invent a new organization and make it our own, there will be no major change of direction, the "rules of the game of Monopoly" which we have inherited, structurally forcing us to produce more and more to guarantee, if possible, a strictly increasing salary at the end of the month. The height of irony is that the real game of Monopoly was originally created in 1904 by Elizabeth Magie precisely to demonstrate the nonsense of the economic system (see paragraph 2/2/5) based on delegating all authority and all value to a single counter that we print ourselves: money.

The paradox is there and it is structural.

The key principle already proven in history proposed by this Manifesto to structurally respect the planetary boundaries is a new separation of powers (theory of the separation of powers developed by Locke 1632-1704, and Montesquieu,1689-1755 (...)):

the separation of ACTION (TO ACT) and DISTRIBUTION (TO HAVE) powers

two different powers concentrated in a single counter, our exchange tool (money), at the origin of the “systemic contradiction” (a paradox) in which we find ourselves locked up in having to produce ever more in our finite biosphere:


These issues being global to the human species, concerning the whole living perenniality, "solving" them necessarily require awareness and collective work to transform our ways of living. As Henri Bergson (1859-1941) said:

"The future is not what will happen to us but what we will do..."

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Let us separate TO ACT and TO HAVE

If it remains majorly to invent, the resulting organization from this powers separation is already named on the website The Universal Participation. A proposition to formalize the first level of a CONSTITUTION which would integrate this separation of TO ACT and TO HAVE powers, while respecting the limits of a FINITE BIOSPHERE is proposed in this UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF LIVING BEINGS COEXISTENCE:

The following example of Universal Participation Notice, that could replace our current Tax Income Notice within the next decades, makes a good conclusion of this website giving a synthesis of all the identified principles, information and key indicators, that could be the basis of our organization, updated and made available to all every year, to ensure the stability and perenniality of the living on Earth and beyond in space :

Beyond this site, which can take a little time to digest and manipulate, these 2 pdf documents above, the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION and this last Universal Participation Notice, can serve as a reference starting material to support and animate your invention workshops of a new organization perennial for the whole living, wherever you are on the planet.


Very concretely, and ultimately quite simply, the exercise consists in inventing "new rules of the game" where the single money counter, disconnected from the reality of our biosphere, would be separated into several counters effectively describing the reality of the world, and for which we would constantly know their limits.

Simply in other words: if we see the edges of the path, we can avoid falling into the ravine.

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Like the famous Myth of the Cave of Plato (-400 BC) which situates us in the world as "prisoners chained in a cave who only see the real world in the shadows projected by the light from outside on the cave back wall", this Manifesto proposes to try to bring together as many of these "shadows", this knowledge accumulated by the human species, to glimpse meanings, modes of organization and orientations which would be relevant for the majority of living beings.

It therefore proposes, without going into the detail of each of the addressed concepts (their detailed presentations are available in the books of the concerned disciplines), to order them in a global perspective, like a puzzle with several levels going from the most macroscopic picture to an increasingly detailed description. In other words, this reflection proposes to try to do the exercise to "put ideas in order", the important thing being not to master entirely each concept, skill, knowledge of the human species, but to know what would be its place of meaning in the overall vision of the Universe that we are discovering a little more every day, known physical world around 2020 which could be summarized by the following picture:


The first level of the perspective proposes the description of the place of the human species inside the world in three steps:

  • A phenomenon, the Living : Stable phenomenon over billions of years on a planet, which constructs and animates interdependent living beings in matter, with capacities to survive and extend in their contexts, to which the human species belongs and within which it exists ... (keep on reading) :

  • An organizational issue : living beings have to cooperate to build an equilibrium, an equality, to be able to survive inside their contexts.

The fact to participate to the living community stakes is therefore central for all the living beings; the PARTICIPATION of all, including homogeneous rights to ACT and to HAVE, shall be permanent and continuous over life... (keep on reading)

  • Finite viable contexts : The living evolves today on a finite planet, viable for a finite time around a star in the Universe. The human species must therefore on one hand integrate into its organization the limits of the finite biosphere in which it exists, and on the other hand, the living would therefore have to cross space emptiness to be perennial on the very long term:


"Lucky we are", the living seems to have built with the technological capacity the mean not to disappear with its planet and sun, and we still have many viable years on Earth ahead of us... (keep on reading)

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If we assume that intelligent living beings* will never accept life to disappear, here is an assessment of what could be the life path in its imposed context evolution in the Universe :



would empower life to be perennial in the Universe

beyond meteorites and the sun inflation...

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